My kind of paradise

My boyfriend and I decided to take a spontanious trip to Mallorca for a few days because we both had some time off from our jobs. So we packed our bags late at night and the next day we jumped on a plane to the beautiful island of Mallorca. Yesterday we rented a car and drove to the gorgeous beach cala Ferrera and had a picnic on the cliffs and jumped in the blue water from there when we felt too warm. This is my kind of paradise 😎


1 day + hotel

 Just checking in to show you a few quick photos of my first day in Lissabon. So far I have a really good impression with Portugal and the Portugese people. Everyone has been very sweet and helpful to my sister and I and we feel very welcome in this beautiful country. Lissabon is a very charming city with a great mixture of old and new buildings and a lot of hills everywhere and trams. The traffic here is a bit chaotic so Im happy im not driving a car here. But I guess it is like that in every big city. The hotel is gorgeous and we have our only little private balcony with a great view from the 8 th. floor. Im heading to the pool now for a short while and later we’ll explore more of the city. Have a great day everyone <3


Weekend in Lissabon <3


I’m heading to Lissabon this weekend and I am really looking forward to it since I’ve never been to Portugal before. Im meeting up with my sister there as she is taking a bus from Malaga, Spain to Lissabon. We booked a nice hotel in the city centre with a roof top pool so its going to be all about enjoying ourselves and exploring the city and the beautiful beaches that sorround it. Can’t wait to get out of cold and cloudy Copenhagen and get some sun and a tan ☀️😊

I am only there for a few days but Im sure its going to be great with a little get-away. I haven’t seen my sister for a while (she lives in Spain) and therefore she wasn’t at my birthday party a few weeks ago. So we will celebrate it together in Lissabon. 😊

Now it’s time for me to wash some clothes and start packing a bit. Im usually last minute with everything but this time I will try to be a bit more organised. Have a great evening everyone and if you have any suggestions or tips regarding things to see there let me know in a comment below. <3

Birthday Sushi

Thursday I celebrated my birthday at Sticks and Sushi at Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen with my boyfriend. Sticks and Sushi has the most amazing rooftop and its a really cool place to go for dinner and watch the sunset with a drink in your hand ☺️ And their sushi is sooo delicious. Definitely a must try if you ever visit Copenhagen.

Amager Beach

Hanging out on the beach on this great summer night. I got a really bad sunburn yesterday so I stayed inside  the whole day today to avoid getting more sun on my skin. This evening I felt like getting some fresh air and took my bike, a blanket and a good book with me to the beach. I really love to just chill at the beach with music in my ears and look at all the different people and the waves. I guess im just a fan of natural things and being outdoors. These danish summer nights are the best. Im sitting at the beach right now blogging.  Its almost 9 o’clock in the night and its still light outside and warm! I simply love it. Today we had a heat record as it reached 30 degrees celcius. That doesn’t happen that often in Denmark 😉 After the worst summer in 24 years up until now everyone is enjoying the sun these days. Have a great evening everyone and remember to appreciate the small things too ❤️️ 



The best day of the year..

Found this quote on Instagram the other day and I find it quite funny 😂 

Sad but true… You never know how the summer in Denmark is going to turn out and up until now it has honestly been awful. It feels more like winter than summer at the moment. 

Can i just please go back to this

Ooh and to wearing this  


(Pictures from last year)

Ooh well there is still hope that the summer will come to Denmark this year. I hope it wont be too long.  


Yesterday we celebrated Midsummer or “Sankt Hans” as we call it in Denmark. We went to Amager Beach which is a very nice area located  just outside of Copenhagen City Centre. The weather was cold and not at all how you would expect a summer night to be.  But we had a great night anyway with lots of music, food and warming ourselves by the fire. And at least it didn’t rain 🙂 



5 Km Run + Summer Salad

The summer and warm weather is finally here. Yaaiiii 🙂 this evening I went out for a 5 km run. I haven’t been ruuning in over one and a half week. Therefor I was a little scared if I had to start all over with my training and start from scratch again. But it actually went really well and I enjoyed it. ( I know some people find it hard to believe that you can actually enjoy running) but I honestly love it and the feeling you get afterwards is so worth it! Now im on my balcony eating a tasty and healthy summer salad with spinach, avocado ( everything with avocado is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!), spring onions and tomatos. The sun is still out and these danish summer nights seem to last forever!! ( I wish they would) have a great evening everyone. 

Copenhagen Vibes

If you’ve never been to Copenhagen before I definitely suggest you visit this beautiful city during spring/summer time when the flowers just blossomed and the parks are so beautiful at this time during late May/ early June. Here are some fresh snapshots taken in Copenhagen today. It’s about 22 degress and sunny today. Just a perfect day to spend in the city. If you have some questions about Copenhagen or Denmark feel free to ask in the questionare below. Right now im sitting at “Joe & The Juice” which is a “must try” if you come to Copenhagen. They have the best FRESH juices/shakes and sandwiches in town if you ask me. Just a little tip if you ever stop by 🙂 Have a great day everyone. Xx

Copenhagen is called the biking capitol of the world with over 390 km biking lanes spread over the whole of the city. Its the best and easiest way to get around.     Pictures from Kings Garden which is a park located in the city centre. Great place for hanging out or tanning.                             


Dagen i dag har stået på masser af frisk luft og tapashygge med min dejlige kæreste. Jeg startede dagen  med at gå 12 km. Jeg trængte til at røre mig og følte ikke for at løbe i dag. Det blev derfor til en lang gåtur med musik i ørerne!! Fantastisk. Og så fik jeg også forbrændt det meste af den pizza jeg indtog igår (bonus 🙂



Senere på dagen købte min kæreste og jeg ind til Tapas og Sangria. Lidt spøjst på en søndag. I know! Men det var så hyggeligt og smagte virkeligt godt. Se evt. min opskrift på sangria lige her.

Håber I har haft en ligeså dejlig søndag ? Xx